Wedding Planning Tips from Hotel Blackhawk (Pt. 4)

Wedding Planning Tips from Hotel Blackhawk (Pt. 4)

Thank you so much to Lindsay Thul at Hotel Blackhawk for this week’s series!  If you missed it, please click below to see her first three posts.  Today’s final tip is all about making your guests’ experience enjoyable within you budget and vision. Enjoy!

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Accommodating your guests
One of the most common things that wedding couples tend to do is focus too much on the guests’ needs. Remember: Your wedding day is about YOU. Pick the meal that you like. Play the music that you want to dance to. There will always be someone in the group that doesn’t like their food or doesn’t like the atmosphere.

Just like in life, you can’t please everyone (and you won’t, no matter how hard you try) so don’t focus on that. Choose what you want and what you can afford.

Your guests are not expecting for you to have a top shelf open bar, a $100 meal, a breakfast the next day and a gift bag waiting in their room. I understand that family and friends are often spending a lot of money to travel to your wedding, to stay in a hotel, to buy you a wedding gift, etc. and the couple wants to “repay them” for that. Here’s a little secret: People will NOT have as many expectations as you think! Have a meal that tastes good, have alcohol available if you want it (sure, buy a couple kegs or host wine during dinner) but do not feel obligated to pay for your second uncle’s cousin to suck down 10 grey goose martinis on your tab just because he can.

Get wedding blocks at a couple different hotels so your guests have different price options. Have a gift opening or brunch at someone’s house for immediate family and friends with some pastries the next morning. You won’t be hurting anyone’s feelings by not inviting them. Most of your guests would love to sleep in the next day and not feel obligated to look presentable and talk to people.

Provide the hotels that your guests are staying in with welcome bags that have a couple snacks and maybe directions or additional information on the weekend’s festivities. Usually, a hotel will charge you a delivery fee to have gifts brought up to rooms. Just leave them at the front desk and they will get their welcome bag when they check-in. That’s NORMAL! The gift bags can be a very inexpensive way to show your guests that you care. If you really want to make them feel good, write hand written notes for each bag, thanking your guests for coming. Sometimes, that’s all people want to hear. Just acknowledging the fact that you appreciate them being there to celebrate your big day is way more meaningful than spending money on extra “stuff”.


Planning a wedding can be an extremely tense time in your life, but it doesn’t need to be. Hopefully some of the tips that I’ve mentioned will be helpful for you when you are planning your big day. Remember to stay calm and keep the main goal in mind- exchanging vows with the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with. Once you decide which aspects of your special day are the most important to you and your fiancé, the rest is easy. If you budget, prioritize, do your research, and get organized, your special day will be all that you ever wanted. Use free tools and websites that are available to you when you start planning. Give yourself plenty of time- don’t rush it. Planning a wedding is something that is unfamiliar to and can even be intimidating. Sometimes it’s nice just to have someone to provide you with honest feedback and reassure you that you’re not forgetting about anything. I’m happy to do that- it’s my passion. There are several vendors in the area that I would be glad to recommend and provide candid reviews for. Don’t hesitate to give me a call or shoot me an email if there’s anything that I can help you with.

Check out Hotel Blackhawk HERE.  You can reach Lindsay directly at SalesManager@hotelblackhawk.com or (563) 484.5901.  Happy wedding planning!

Faith, Hope & Love,



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