Two for You!

Two for You!

Hope’s Bridal is proud to offer two locations in Eastern Iowa. We work hard to provide exceptional service in each store and want to encourage brides and prom shoppers to take advantage of the opportunity to visit both!  You can get an introduction to each store in the video above.  Here are our top three benefits for YOU, our customers:

1. Convenience – Do you live in Cedar Rapids but have bridesmaids in the Quad Cities? Did you find your dress in our Davenport store, but live closer to our Atkins store? No problem! With two locations to serve you, we are happy to help you in either store as you prepare for you wedding, prom, or special event. We can measure your wedding party in either location- whichever is closest for each person. We can transport your dress from one store to the other for storage and alterations. Whatever makes life easier for you, we are happy to accommodate! (Just make sure we have enough notice to move things between the stores for you, please!)

2. Two completely different and wonderful selections – We get so excited over the beautiful designs we see at markets, it’s hard to narrow down our orders. And that’s when we are super happy to have two stores! We are pleased to be able to order a wider variety of dresses to offer shoppers, making our inventory twice as big as it would be with just one space to present it. As a shopper, you can visit both our stores and see hundreds of unique dresses each time. Plus, if you have a special request to see a certain style, we have two inventories to check to see if it’s available for you!

3. Two unique experiences in historic destinations — Each of our stores offers a different feel, but both are “destinations” and unlike any other bridal shops you will see. Whether you visit our original pink barn that has been an Iowa landmark for over 40 years or our boutique overlooking the Mississippi in the Village of East Davenport, you will experience something fun and special! Our staff in each location offers different backgrounds and personalities, but all of us have several things in common. We all truly care about providing a great experience for our clients, value being a part of your special moments, and appreciate your business.

If you have any questions about either location, please give us a call! And as you plan your bridal or prom shopping excursions, make sure you plan a trip to BOTH Hope’s Bridals!


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