Tips for the Bride-to-Be Searching for her Dress

Tips for the Bride-to-Be Searching for her Dress

Hello Beautiful Bride!

When I was a bride-to-be searching for her dress, it brought me to tears.  We love tears when brides find THE PERFECT DRESS, but my tears weren’t those kind- I was just frustrated!  I’ve literally worn hundreds of wedding dresses, and seen about any style you can imagine on other brides.  Plus, I had the pressure of being Diane’s daughter- I had to have a spectacular dress, right? Nothing felt special enough.  I had already modeled my favorite dresses in recent shows and photo shoots.  I didn’t feel like a BRIDE, I just felt… normal.  Boo.


So, in that moment of frustration, pouting and feeling sorry for myself, I needed a little perspective.  Here’s my hindsight wisdom to pass on to you, so you don’t let yourself get to the point I did!


Remember what you are soon-to-be: a WIFEY!

W-  Who you are marrying.  What matters most is that you love him and he loves you!  This is about marriage; not just one day.  Imagine yourself walking down the aisle to him.  Kissing him.  Dancing with him.  Living your life with him.  Smiling yet?  I hope so!

I-  Do I love it?  It really comes down to what you want and feel great in!  Brides often worry so much about pleasing and impressing everyone that they lose sight of what they really want.  You won’t feel like yourself on your wedding day in a dress you buy just because it’s what others think you should have.

F-  Family and Friends.  Choose a small group of your most trusted people- 2 or 3 is ideal- to shop with you.  We’ve all seen those crazy-huge groups on Say Yes to the Dress that just traumatize the bride, right?  Choose carefully.  They should know you well, know when to offer an opinion and when to be quiet, and be someone you are always yourself around.

E-  Enjoy the moment.  You only get this time once and it’s easy to stress, but remember to relax and soak it in­­.  Breathe.  Smile.  Look around at all the PRETTY surrounding you.  Send up a “thank you.” And remember, you WILL find your dress.  It might be the first one you try.  It might be the 73rd after six appointments.  It really doesn’t matter, as long as you are having fun and remembering what it’s all about!

Y-  Years to come.  Remember you will be looking at your pictures for the rest of your life.  Pick a dress you are going to love no matter how styles change!  You know the difference between a trend and a classic style.   A little bit of trend is fun and shows your personality, but let’s be honest, those huge puffy satin sleeves and yellow sequins of the early 90s are pretty dated.  Well, not so pretty.  Mostly just dated.

Now that I’m a WIFEY, I look back feeling thankful for people who helped me remember what was important and who made sure the rest of my dress searching was special for me.  While I did end up loving my dresses (I liked two so much I had to get one for the ceremony and one for the reception- total turnaround, huh?), that’s not what I took away from my wedding.  I took HIM away.  I am so, so thankful for the amazing man at the end of the aisle who I had long prayed for and who teared up when he saw me in that dress.  I don’t think it would have mattered what dress it was, but I sure am glad I found the right one(s) for me!  😉


Happy searching, future WIFEY!

Faith, Hope, and Love,



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