Summer Wedding Tips

Summer Wedding Tips

Summer is still a couple of weeks away OFFICIALLY, but if you’re like us, it’s already in full force now that school is out and the weather is heating up! Summer weddings are super popular and FUN (Mom and Dad celebrate their anniversary Thursday and JD and I got married in July!), but they do bring some of their own challenges.
Here’s how to handle some of those uniquely summer issues.
Outdoor Weddings:
There are many ways to make your record-breaking wedding temps more comfortable. If you are having an outdoor wedding, make sure you book your ceremony for a time before or after mid-day when the sun is its strongest. Offer guests cool towels, fans, or misters while they sit for the ceremony, and make sure cold water or other non-alcoholic beverages are readily available. Finally remember: SHADE!

Comfortable Bride:
For your own comfort, choose a gown that is breathable. Your consultant can help you by offering suggestions that will be cooler than the typical wedding dress. Also, don’t forget to apply sunscreen before your make-up if you will be outside for extended times throughout the day. You don’t want to look like a lobster in a white gown! Apply baby powder to areas that are prone to sweating and rubbing under your gown before you head down the aisle to keep you dry and soft.

If you are booking travel for your wedding party and/or guests, make sure you check they are air conditioned. BIG mistake on my part. On my 100 degree big day, our party bus showed up to the church, only to find out our solitary relief from the stifling air was the lowered windows. We all showed up to the reception with a nice “windblown” look. Oh well.

Wedding Party:
Considering how hot a tuxedo can be, you may want to offer your guys (and maybe even your ladies) the opportunity to change into something cooler after the ceremony. Even you might enjoy having a tea-length party dress for the reception! For my wedding, I really looked forward to the opportunity to change into my shorter gown for dancing. Plus, that knowledge gave me the guts to run through a splash pad to cool off (and get some super-fun pictures) at a nearby park before the reception!

Enjoy the busy summer months and stay cool!
Faith, Hope & Love,

Johanna in sprinkler                          Johanna's reception gown

Photos by Brian Hall Photography


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