Shopping at Hope’s: A Mother-Daughter Tradition

Shopping at Hope’s: A Mother-Daughter Tradition

Faith, hope, love. We love what we do because we are constantly reminded of these most important things by our customers. We want to share the beautiful story of a Hope’s bride from 1992, and the legacy she has continued with her daughters. We are humbled and honored by families like this, who have trusted us with their business time and again over the years!
Here is what Lori had to say:
“Hope’s is extra special to me, as it was the last place my mom and I shopped together. My mom passed away of ovarian cancer 11 months after my wedding. My oldest sister purchased her wedding dress at Hope’s, and I was 7 years younger. I remember how special it was for her, and I couldn’t wait to have the same experience. Hope’s is much more than a bridal shop to me. It’s a tradition that I take pride in sharing with my four daughters. I feel that even though my mom didn’t have the privilege of meeting my daughters, I could show them how important it is to have that special bonding experience that I had at Hope’s. I guess it goes way beyond just buying a dress, doesn’t it? It’s the time that’s gone that makes you think about and reflect upon how precious time really is. I don’t know if that makes sense, but I truly thank God for the time I have with my girls.”
How truly special it feels to be a part of something like this. Plus, it’s so fun to see the pictures of dresses through the years! Check out this ever-growing list!
Lori found her prom dress and dyed-to-match teal heels at Hope’s. She remembers the experience she had shopping with her mom. “I remember the long drive and the excitement of being in the “pink” barn. I knew I wanted that same experience for my girls. The drive to Hope’s and talking about the excitement of prom or just everyday happenings is what it’s all about. My daughters know that Hope’s is the place to go, and even though my mom never had the opportunity to meet my daughters, I think it’s the tradition passed on that is so special.”

Lori in her Hope's prom dress: 1986

Lori in her Hope’s prom dress: 1986

Since her sister had found her dress at Hope’s, she and her mom returned when Lori was engaged. “I think I purchased the first dress I tried on. My mom encouraged me to try on more, which is so funny, because when I shopped with my girls for prom dresses, it was a similar experience.” Lori also chose bridesmaid dresses at Hope’s.

Swanson Hope's Wedding: 1992

Swanson Hope’s Wedding: 1992

Swanson Family4 swanson family3 Swanson Family2
She and Stuart tied the knot on June 27, 1992 in Maquoketa. “I remember that we both proudly recited our vows so that all could hear, and our music was beautiful. We were an interfaith couple, so we had my Lutheran pastor and a Catholic priest marry us, which was very special to both of us. It was a perfect day with a horse drawn carriage leading us to the Oxford Junction Legionairre Ballroom, where we danced the night away.”
To this day, the couple have this reminder on their headboard: “Don’t forget that you already have what you are praying for!” She advises brides and newlyweds to remember what is really important- faith and family.

Now with four daughters, Lori cherishes the time she spends with each as they prep for prom. Adelai, who is in Argentina right now, was the first to find her Junior and Senior prom dresses. Now it’s Celeste’s turn! She found her dress last year and will be back soon for this year’s fitting.

Adelai at her Junior prom in her Hope's prom dress: 2011

Adelai at her Junior prom in her Hope’s prom dress: 2011

Adelai in her Hope's prom dress at her Senior Prom: 2012

Adelai in her Hope’s prom dress at her Senior Prom: 2012

Celeste her Hope's prom dress at her Junior Prom: 2014

Celeste her Hope’s prom dress at her Junior Prom: 2014

Celeste explains: “I liked spending time with mom. Adelai and I seemed to find what we were looking for, and mom is always honest about the appropriateness–like not too low cut or not a high slit. We know that this is the only place we shop for prom, so we can take our time and enjoy it. We don’t have to rush and shop at all different stores. We find what we like and go with it. Our school allows freshman and sophomores to go to prom, but Mom and Dad just let us go junior and senior year, so it is really an event that we look forward to. I know Lilian and Delia will enjoy it as much as Adelai and I. We hope we can continue the tradition.”

Here are some fun pictures from their shopping trip at the end of January!

Celeste and Lori shopping for Prom 2015

Celeste and Lori shopping for Prom 2015

Celeste and Lori shopping for Prom 2015

Celeste and Lori shopping for Prom 2015

Celeste shopping for Prom 2015

Celeste shopping for Prom 2015

We hope to see this beautiful mother-daughter tradition continue, too! Thank you to this wonderful family for their loyalty and sharing such special moments with us through the years!

Faith, Hope & Love,


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