Real Weddings by Hope’s: Nicole and Shawn

The Real Weddings by Hope’s union of Nicole and Shawn Wurzer shows just how beautiful your big day can be on a tight budget.  “Everything for the wedding was handmade, except for the attire of course,” Nicole explained.  Prior to their September 6th wedding ceremony at Our Lady of Mount Caramel in Lawler and reception in Sumner, the families of the bride and groom had a wedding craft day. “We all brought snacks and beverages and got most of the wedding décor done that day.”

The families were incredibly supportive of this couple who met when Nicole was in just 8th grade.  “It was at a basketball game, and I was trying to catch one of my teacher’s daughters when I slipped on some water and fell flat on my back. Shawn was there and asked if I was okay. He always jokes around that I “fell for him” right there. He asked me out one night on the elementary playground of our old school on October 18, 2003.”

Exactly 10 years later in that very same spot, Shawn proposed.  Besides his thoughtfulness and the romantic nature he demonstrated, Nicole describes what makes their relationship work so well. “We love to joke around, but know when to take things seriously.  He is a hard worker and knows how to make me feel special. On my worst days he can bring the best out in me.”

When Nicole was shopping for her wedding gown, she visited lots of stores.  In fact, she was up to the checkout counter to purchase her dress at one of those other places when she had the feeling that she would regret it if she didn’t look at Hope’s.  “I told my mom I couldn’t go through with it and called down to Hope’s to set up an appointment for the next day!”  Nicole explains her Hope’s experience:

I told them what I wanted, and they pulled a few out that were BEAUTIFUL (the selection is amazing). I put the dress I ended up purchasing on, but could not decide between that one and the one I had almost purchased the day before. Diane was so helpful.  She asked me to compare the dresses in my mind and say what I liked about each and what could be done. I kept saying how I wished they would have the other dress there so I could compare. Diane somehow remembered that they did have that dress but it was being worked on so I could not try it.  However, she walked out in the freezing cold snow storm just to bring it back for me to compare. That was the topper. Her going that extra mile to help me out made my decision so much easier, and I picked my dream dress. I loved everything about it and the experience. Even going back for fittings they were able to help me make decisions by explaining what could be done and how it would be done. They were very patient with us with the bridesmaid dresses being ordered as well. It was a great experience and I have been recommending them to all my friends who are engaged!

Nicole said YES to the beautiful Maggie Sottero “Hazel.” Her mom made something extremely special to complement the intricate beadwork on the dress.  She crafted Nicole’s jewelry out of her two grandmas’ and great-grandma’s old jewelry.  That’s a truly meaningful “Something Old”!

Nicole’s favorite part of her wedding was being able to start a new journey with her best friend and to have so many people present to celebrate and support them. A special memory she has is heading back to the playground where their love story began. “It was fun to take the wedding party and photographer to where we first started dating and got engaged to capture some moments there.”  Nicole expressed how much she appreciated her amazing wedding party and photographer who helped make the day as fun and memorable as it could possibly be.

As far as advice goes, Nicole has two big points:  Don’t sweat the small stuff and DIY is the best thing ever! She also suggests designating one person to make any phone calls in case someone doesn’t show up on time and to have checks written out ahead of time if you owe money the day of the wedding.  Make sure you hand them off to someone responsible, so you don’t have to worry about anything that day.  By following these steps, Nicole was able to have a beautiful, fun wedding at a manageable cost. “We are from a small town and were on a tight budget, but the day could not have turned out any better in my opinion.”

Since the wedding, things haven’t changed too much, but things are going great!  They have started renovating their home, which has helped them grow and make decisions as a team.  “My advice would be to make sure to continue to make time for each other.  Don’t forget the romance and do small gestures to show you care about each other.”

Nicole and Shawn’s Wedding Vendors were mostly friends and family!

Photographer:  Photography by Brittany out of Decorah, IA

Flowers: Nicole’s aunt/godmother Marcella

Caterer: Nicole’s best friend’s parents: Steve and Lois Shields

Cupcakes: Deb Elliot

Hair: Brandi’s in Sumner, IA

Makeup: Stephanie Kennon  from Vision’s Salon & Spa in Fairbank, IA

Table Linens, Card Box, and cupcake backdrop: BD Productions

Thanks, Nicole, for letting Hope’s be a part of your special day!  We are happy to now call you a friend, and we wish you and Shawn a lifetime of happiness!


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