Real Wedding by Hope’s: Sadie and Steve

Real Wedding by Hope’s: Sadie and Steve

Sadie and Steve’s April wedding in St. Louis was picture perfect.  We are so honored we were able to help this gorgeous bride find her amazing Stephen Yearick gown.  As her mom wrote us, “The dress stole the show—we had so many people talking about it all night that we clearly knew we had picked the right dress!”



Steve and Sadie met in college. “I was trying to unsuccessfully hide from someone at the bar and when I saw Steve’s tall frame, I thought he would be perfect to hide behind. We ended up talking the rest of the night and we’ve been together ever since,” Sadie explains.  Their relationship was long distance for a few years after college until they decided to move to Minnesota for jobs.

On an early Saturday hike together, Sadie wasn’t expecting Steve’s proposal.  “Once we were close enough to hear the river, Steve told me to go ahead because he had to tie his shoe. When he got to the look out, he had a huge smile on his face and quickly proposed. My favorite part of our engagement story is when he told me he secretly drove to take my parents out for dinner to ask for their blessing.”

The two set out to plan a quirky fun wedding that fit their personality as a couple.  They planned the big day for April 16th, with the ceremony at the Old Cathedral and the reception at the City Museum in downtown St. Louis.  Sadie advises those planning a wedding: “Stay true to who you are as a couple and don’t worry about choosing based on what you think your guests will want to see. If you’re a traditional bride, then be traditional. If you’re a quirky bride, then be quirky. Make sure your wedding is a reflection of you.”

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Conveniently, Hope’s was a good mid-way point for Sadie and her mom when it came time to shop for her wedding dress and veil.

“When I came to Hope’s, I knew I wanted something that was different but I was lost on what kind of dress style that I wanted. Ariel pulled a great variety of dresses for me to try on and especially was tuned into my natural draw to pink and sparkly dresses. When I first saw my dress, I thought whoa that is a little too much sparkle for me. But Ariel assured me it wouldn’t be too much.  I tried it on and she was right. The best part about Hope’s was they made my vision a reality before I knew what my vision was.”


Many fun touches helped her vision come together.  Sadie and Steve both love bulldogs, so they used bulldogs as their table numbers and cake toppers.  They even had a signature drink called “The Bulldog.” They opted for a unique wedding program, folding each into a cootie catcher to add an element of fun to the ceremony.  At the end of the night they had donut holes, chocolate covered bacon, and milkshake shooters passed around the dance floor. And their wedding favors were rally towels their guests swung as they were introduced.



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Sadie knew that something is bound to go wrong on any wedding day, but nothing was too big to ruin her day unless she would let it.  “When it happens, embrace it and then let it go,” she recommends.  With that mindset, her day left her with nothing but amazing memories.

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“It’s hard to pick favorite memories because the whole day was a standout moment. From breakfast with my family to waiting behind the double doors with my dad to finally seeing Steve’s reaction to my dress after months of keeping it a secret to the random kids cheering for us at the City Museum to being introduced while our guests swung their rally towels to dancing with all our friends and family. My favorite memory though is that Steve and I were the very last ones to walk out of the reception hall. It gave us a moment to soak in all the memories of the night before stepping out as a newly married couple.”



The couple honeymooned in Portland, Oregon and stayed a few nights on the coast. “We visited multiple local breweries, hung out at an arcade bar, walked around the International Rose Test Garden, and generally soaked in the weirdness of Portland.”

Though it hasn’t been too different, married life has been great for the newlyweds.  They plan to buy a house at the end of the year and are enjoying exploring different towns in the Twin Cities area.  “My advice to newlyweds is to compromise often, laugh genuinely, and do something for each other every day, even if it’s something as simple as making their lunch for work.”

Sadie, thank you so much for trusting us with your business!  It was such a pleasure to work with you. Many blessings to you and Steve!

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St. Louis Real Wedding Vendors:

Photographer:  White Klump Photography “Mother-Daughter Dynamic Duo!”

DJ: “Jason from Millennium Productions was awesome! He had a great read on our crowd and completely understood our vision for the music. Our dance floor was crowded until the very end of the night!”




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