Real Wedding by Hope’s: Lacey and Kyle

This is a special one-year anniversary Real Wedding.  Lacey, my childhood best friend, married Kyle August 8, 2015 in a classic church ceremony in Keystone followed by an elegant, fun reception at the DoubleTree in Cedar Rapids.

Lacey had heard about her good friend Josephine’s brother Kyle, and even met him once, before sparks flew at a birthday party in December 2011.  Lacey was living in Chicago and Kyle was in Milwaukee, but they went on their first date just a month later.  They managed a long-distance relationship, but both wanted to get to the same city.  This resulted in both moving to Detroit in August 2013.

Kyle proposed under the stars in Lacey’s parents’ backyard next to a bonfire at 2AM after a ten-hour car ride home to Iowa on June 20th, 2014.  “I may or may not have been asking him for a while when he was going to propose, to which he would always respond ‘At the perfect moment!’  When he was getting ready to get down on his knee to ask me to marry him, he said, ‘Do you know what this is?’ and I said, ‘A bonfire…?’  He chuckled and said, ‘It’s the perfect moment!’”

When he asked if Lacey would marry him, she responded with “DUH!”  (That of course became a running joke.  Would Lacey say DUH instead of I DO?)  The rest of the proposal weekend was wonderful. As an extra surprise, Kyle had his parents come into town so they could spend time with each of their families.

Lacey loves how family-oriented Kyle is and recognizes that he is a strong man of God.  “Kyle is quite the romantic.  He definitely spoils me.  I’ve always been super independent and asking for help doesn’t always come easy for me, but Kyle has his own little way of reminding me to take a step back, let others help, and enjoy the moment.”

When it came time to plan her wedding, Lacey knew where she was going, and wasn’t afraid to ask for help.  “I’m lucky to have had Hope’s in my life for the last 25 years.  Not only did I buy my prom dresses at Hope’s and my bridesmaid dress for my sister’s wedding, but it was also the first place from which I received a paycheck back in high school.  I guess you could say that since Kindergarten when Johanna brought me over to play dress-up during my very first sleepover, that I knew Hope’s would be the only place I consider for my wedding day shopping!”

She found her Stephen Yearick wedding gown at Hope’s, along with her Meg Jewelry headband.  All of the bridesmaids, tuxedoes, and flower girl dresses were also from Hope’s. “I love that Hope’s really knows what they are talking about.  Not only do they know the bridal industry in terms of dresses, accessories, etc., but also they take time to really know the bride and what she wants for her big day.  They see the big picture – not just a sale.  They see the importance of the day for you as an individual bride – the experience is personalized.”

Lacey has some wise advice for current brides in the midst of planning: “Once you make a decision you are happy with, stop looking!  You will always find something that you like better (That’s why women have so many pairs of shoes, right!?), so save yourself some headache by owning the decisions you make and moving on.”

There were many personalized parts of Lacey and Kyle’s wedding.  To start the weekend right, they invited everyone from out of town to experience a “Farm Day” on Friday on Lacey’s parents’ property.  Along with that, Lacey had adorable pig cookies as the dessert and favor at the reception—a nod to her life growing up on a pig farm.

Some of Lacey’s other favorite memories from the wedding include their personalized sermon at their ceremony, “No Fear—Lefere!” playing on her new last name and the way she felt in her dress.  Kyle’s favorite moment?  “My favorite memory of the wedding day is first seeing my bride walk down the aisle.  By far the most beautiful sight I have ever seen.”

The couple waited a few months to settle in as man and wife before jetting off to the Cook Islands in the South Pacific.  (They learned about it through Costco Vacations.)  “While tourism is a major industry for the Cook Islands, it’s not really a touristy place – you join their way of life.  It was a simple, tropical paradise with kind people and great food.  The water and beaches were out of this world and our accommodations were great.  It was two weeks without internet, TV, make-up or a care in the world…Can I go back now?!”

With a year of marriage under their belt, Lacey advises newlyweds to communicate but also embrace silence. “Some things can’t be resolved in a day, but make sure you are always discussing your heart and your head with each other.  I would also say to not be afraid of silence… We both appreciate that something we love the most about being married is having someone to ‘just be’ with.”

Lacey and Kyle, it was an honor to be a part of your big day a year ago and to relive it with this blog!  You are such a dynamic and loving couple, and I can’t wait to see how God continues to bless you and others through your marriage!


  • Ceremony: John Lutheran Church in Keystone, Iowa
  • Reception: The DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Photographer:  Brian Hall Photography

Flowers:  Plant and Flower Emporium in Blairstown, Iowa

Cookies:  A Cookie Family in Keystone, Iowa

Hair:  Shear Design (Becky Junge) in Keystone, Iowa

Make-up:  100% Pure Pro (Stephanie Kennon) in Cedar Rapids, Iowa


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