Real Wedding by Hope’s: Sara and Kyle

Real Wedding by Hope’s: Sara and Kyle

Sara and Kyle’s Cedar Rapids wedding was full of love and laughs- just perfect! We had a great time helping Sara find her breathtaking bridal look and dressing her beautiful bridesmaids, so we were excited to see her amazing wedding pictures and had to share!

Sara and Kyle worked together at Hy-Vee, and while he had his eye on her for a while, she had somehow never met him before seeing him briefly at a mutual friend’s house. “I instantly thought he was cute, but I didn’t talk to him and ended up leaving shortly after he arrived.” A couple days later she was back at work in the bakery.

“We stored our donut cart in the freezer and it always got buried. I would often have to spend 15 minutes in the freezer trying to unbury it – I was never happy afterward. So this particular day it was especially buried so I paged the frozen department to the freezer. I was so ready to rail on them for burying it so badly when who should walk up, but Kyle. Now it’s clicking with me that I just saw him the other night at the party and he works at Hy-Vee too! The best part is, unlike any of the other guys in the frozen department, he went in, dug out the cart, pulled it out and offered to take it to the bakery. I couldn’t believe how much of a gentleman he was.”

Sara relayed the story to a couple of her girlfriends and found out he was a roommate with the mutual friends she had seen him with. “We’re both a little shy (especially him) so over the next couple weeks, my girlfriends and I would try and get invites to these mutual friends’ place in hopes I would run into him. And finally, I did! We started talking that night and have been together ever since.”

After dating for five years, Kyle proposed in their new home. Sara had told him she wanted a sign with his last name spelled out with pictures from nature when they got married. One night, he surprised her with the sign she had described, and she turned around to find him on one knee.

“Kyle is very sweet, laid back and easy going. We definitely balance each other out. I can be loud, overly-animated and a bit dramatic; whereas Kyle is very calm and practical. I will say that he has a super goofy side that I see all the time and not many other people get to see – but I kind of like that!”

Sara came to Hope’s to find her gown and fell in love with a dress she kept eyeing on a mannequin. “Picking out my wedding dress was surprisingly easy,” she remembers. She accessorized with a veil and shoes from Hope’s and found her bridesmaids’ dresses as well.

“Everything was done right the first time! We never had any issues with making appointments or having alterations done on time. The alterations were perfect. They also dyed my shoes to match my dress – also done perfectly! Wedding planning is so stressful but having a vendor like Hope’s that is extremely professional and efficient definitely eased some worries.”

One of Sara’s biggest worries was finding the right photographer. She came across The Modern Lovebird and was so pleased with her choice (as were we with our latest catalog shoot!!). “Robyn’s presence and work played a huge role in the success of our big day.”

Sara loves looking back at the big day and remembering the laughs they shared. “It was all of the imperfections that I loved the most – like my veil falling out during the ceremony and Father slipping up during vows – that led to Kyle to repeat ‘I take you Sara, to be my husband.’” That’s the best!

She also had some special touches that day to honor her deceased grandmother. Faith from Cedar Memorial worked Sara’s grandmother’s broach into her bridal bouquet, and Sara wore her grandma’s wedding rings on her right hand.

After the wedding, the newlyweds honeymooned in Costa Rica. “It was the best vacation I have ever taken!” They loved spending time together just the two of them, from the swim up bar to adventures jet skiing, kayaking, zip lining, horseback riding, and water sliding through the rainforest! “Plus, I can now say I was stung by a jelly fish,” Sara laughs.

Sara and Kyle are best friends and are loving the partnership they have. They advise newlyweds to keep going on date nights and never stop flirting. Thank you so very much for sharing your story with us and allowing us to be a part of your beautiful day! It was an honor to help you with your wedding, and we wish you a lifetime of happiness!

Cedar Rapids Wedding Vendors:

Ceremony: St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Cedar Rapids
Reception: The DoubleTree in Cedar Rapids
Photographer: Robyn from The Modern Loverbird
Flowers: Faith at Cedar Memorial
Cake: Jules Bakery


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