Real Wedding by Hope’s: Jami and Scott

Real Wedding by Hope’s: Jami and Scott

Jami and Scott’s wedding, like their relationship, was adventurous, unique, and completely beautiful!  The couple tied the knot in an intimate ceremony on an island in the middle of Lake Erie.  Their story is so fun, and one many brides in the midst of stressful planning will likely envy!

In high school Scott was friends with Jami’s brother and would regularly hang out at her house.  They ended up having a lot of mutual friends and grew very close, but never dated.  After high school, they grew in different directions but reconnected with the help of social media and a common experience of moving back home from out of state.  “From the first time we saw each other, we knew something special was there…still, after all this time. He is my best friend, and after spending a few adventurous years together, we got engaged September 2016!”

They were on the way to go visit some of Jami’s friends in New York and stopped in Windsor, Canada. While walking along the Detroit River overlooking both city skylines, Jami was talking about how excited she was for him to finally meet her friends.  “He then replied that he didn’t want to be introduced as my boyfriend anymore, and got down on one knee!”

When they started to think about the wedding, things just fell into place.  The Dave Matthew’s fans saw he was doing an acoustic tour and snagged tickets for a venue in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.  Since they were going to be taking a road trip, they started researching other things to do in the area.  At first, they just joked about getting married on the trip since they had spent months trying to decide what they wanted to do for their wedding.

Then they came across Kelley’s Island in the middle of Lake Erie.  Scott researched it and thought it was the perfect fit!  “We wanted to keep things small and intimate, so three friends accompanied us to the island and on Tuesday, June 13th, we got married!”

Scott found old ruins of the original Kelly’s Island Winery built in 1872, which was one of the largest wineries in the country.  “The building had burned down more than once, but the beautiful ruins of the building remained, in fact we got married under one of the archways from an old entrance to the building. It was a brief hike in the woods, but worth every second!”

It was easy for the couple to keep their focus on what was important because it was an overall relaxing day with little planning involved.  And it turned out better than they had imagined!

Several things “just happened” that felt very special.  When Jami bought her wedding shoes at DSW, a stranger next to her paid for them.  The house they found on the island was their favorite color, yellow.  And they were married on 6-13-17, which adds up to their favorite Dave Matthew’s song, #36.

While their future honeymoon is still a secret from Jami, they rounded out their “wedding trip” with the Dave Matthews concert and Cedar Point Amusement Park.  Jami says, “Marriage is like getting to have a sleepover with your best friend, every single night of the week!”

We’re thankful to have been a small part of your very special day!  Thanks so much for sharing, and congrats to you, Jami and Scott!


Photographer: Meghan Turner, Massillon, Ohio

Drawbridge Lane Weddings

Conrad Marsili, officiant





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