Real Wedding by Hope’s: Hope and Tyler

Real Wedding by Hope’s: Hope and Tyler

When Hope and Tyler met in high school on a blind date, it wasn’t apparent they would later call each other husband and wife.  “I was painfully shy,” Hope explains.  “He says I didn’t say two words the entire date, until at the end of the night when he tried to open the car door for me and ended up losing his grip and slamming the door right into my legs. Needless to say we didn’t go on a second date right after that.”

However, the two ended up at the same college and grew to be good friends.  After some convincing, Hope agreed to go on a proper date with him, and they haven’t stopped dating since!  After six years together, Tyler proposed in front of a huge Christmas tree.

They planned a June wedding, with sparkle being one of the main colors!  “I’m a retired pageant girl, so I needed a lot of sparkle at my wedding, and our design team definitely delivered.”

The gown and Meg Jewelry Hope wore absolutely fit the sparkle theme.  “I ended up trying on the Stephen Yearick gown, and honestly from the minute I put that gown on, I never wanted to take it off. I knew nothing was going to come close to this gown! The staff was so wonderful every step of the way!”  She appreciated the personalized attention from the Hope’s staff.  “They honestly made me feel like the prettiest bride in the world.”

As they were planning the wedding, Hope and Tyler had a goal to make sure their guests had a great time.  Some of the fun moments that made for great memories with their family and friends included their “toast and roast” from the maid of honor and best man and a homemade bar a friend designed with embarrassing photos of the couple from their youth.

There were also emotional moments that they cherish.  Hope is a daddy’s girl and had always shopped for important dresses with him.  However, she kept her wedding gown a surprise, so her first look with her dad was very special.  The vows the couple wrote for each other and seeing the tent for the first time with all their ideas brought to life are memories Hope will not forget.

After the wedding, Hope and Tyler headed to Rivera Maya for seven days.  They enjoyed the time relaxing together and sharing experiences like swimming with dolphins and sea turtles.

“My advice would be to marry your best friend.  I love Tyler more and more each day, and we never stopped dating or making each other laugh. When it comes to wedding planning remember it’s your day and not to lose sight of what’s really important which is the love between you and your soon to be husband.”

Hope, thank you for being a Hope’s bride.  You were absolutely stunning!  Blessings to you and Tyler!


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Real Wedding Vendors:

Photographer: Katelyn Turner

Venue:  TPC Deere Run Golf Course, Silvis, IL

Wedding Planner:  Casey Kane – Bright DeSigns

Florist:  Flowers by Staacks

Tent:  Big Ten Rentals

Linens/Chairs:  I DO Events










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