Real Wedding by Hope’s: Traci and Kollin

Traci and Kollin might not tell the same story of how they met at a state FBLA competition in high school, but it’s a fun story either way!  Kollin says he “strategically” walked into a room where good-looking girls were hanging out.  Traci says the truth is he walked into their room by accident, thinking it was his own.  “I threw some fruit snacks and a Capri Sun at him, and told him to stay and chat with us,” she remembers.

They dove head-first into their relationship, going sky-diving for their first date.  (Oh goodness, I bet there were so many puns about this at your wedding! Love it! :-))  Kollin proposed to Traci at the end of a scavenger hunt, which is how her parents were engaged!

Their June wedding in Galena was literary themed, with books galore.  She found her Sottero Midgley “Cara Lynette” gown at Hope’s.  Traci says, “Everyone was so friendly and helpful.  They made me and my family members feel so comfortable… AND they helped me find the perfect dress.”

On her big day, she most enjoyed a private first look with Kollin, their first dance (which they learned to swing dance for!), and her father-daughter dance.  She and her dad took lessons to prepare!

The couple, major cat lovers, wrote their own comical vows.  They vowed to love one another almost as much as they do their two cats.   Each table at the reception had a funny book about cats on it.  Traci even had their cats painted on her toenails, since they wouldn’t have enjoyed being the ring bearer and flower girl!

She advises current brides to not stress.  “What happens, happens, but at the end of the day, you end up married to your best friend.  So all is good.”

What WAS a bit stressful was trying to fit so much into the wedding month.  “Kollin and I bought and moved into a house, I switched jobs, we had a wedding, and we went on our honeymoon all within the same month.  I would NOT recommend doing that.”

Luckily, their honeymoon to Bora Bora was so wonderful they wish they could move there.  They loved their over-water bungalow, swimming with sharks and sting rays, and scuba diving.

Married life is fantastic for the two, who advise other newlyweds to never stop dating one another.  “Kollin and I have always had a lot of respect for one another, but there is a different level of tenderness in our relationship. Kollin loves wearing his ring in public (he had been wearing it at our house for weeks leading up to the wedding).”

Thanks so much for sharing your special day with us and allowing Hope’s Bridal to be a part of your beautiful real wedding, Traci and Kollin!  Blessings on your marriage!

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Wedding Venue: Ramada Galena Hotel and Day Spa

Photographer: UnPosed Photography (Cathy Buck West and Jeff West)

Cake Decorator: Wedding Day Bakery

Officiant: Deanna Kilmer (Traci’s friend and mentor)


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