Real Wedding by Hope’s: Amanda and Dave

Real Wedding by Hope’s: Amanda and Dave

Amanda and Dave’s Davenport wedding brought together sparkle and shades of pink in a sophisticated way that was perfect for their fall day.

The couple met while they were working together at Applebee’s. What started as hanging out as friends led to a relationship Amanda was not expecting. “He is so kind, caring, funny, and is willing to do and try anything.” Amanda also appreciates how Dave is always up for hanging out with her family, since that is so important to her.

After dating for nearly three years, Dave took Amanda’s dad out for dinner and asked for his permission. Later that night he popped the big question because he couldn’t wait any longer. Amanda remembers, “I started crying with joy and of course said YES!”

They began to plan a fall wedding with colors of wine, blush, and sparkle. “I wanted it to be girly yet sophisticated, grown up, and Dave approved,” says Amanda. She bought a wedding planning book, which she highly recommends to other brides because it offers wonderful information from timelines to organization tools.

When she was searching for her gown, she came to Hope’s, where she loved the service. “Not once did I feel pressured to buy a dress. I wanted to try on everything, and I’m pretty sure I got close to doing so. Alex made it fun and so easy. I shopped at one other bridal salon and did not have the same high-quality customer service. I couldn’t wait to leave the other shop and rush back to Hope’s to purchase my gown.”

One of the most special parts of Amanda’s wedding was a surprise from her mom. Amanda’s “Mommo” (grandma), who had passed away, collected angel pins. Amanda’s mom had the florist attach the pins to Amanda’s and her sisters’ bouquets, her mom’s corsage, and her grandpa’s boutonniere. She will always remember having a part of Mommo there on her special day.

Amanda advises other brides to go with the flow on your wedding day. “Everything will happen just as it’s supposed to and there is no need to stress out about it.” They planned an outdoor ceremony, but the rain had a different idea. They ended up getting married inside at their reception venue. “At the end of the day it didn’t matter where the wedding took place. All that mattered was that I was marrying the love of my life.”

Her favorite memory from her wedding day was the overall joy everyone had. She described it as one big dance party, exactly as she wanted it to be! “There was no drama, just all love and fun.”

Amanda and Dave were planning to go on a Caribbean cruise in April, but plans changed when they became pregnant because of Zika virus risks. Instead, they are taking a road trip in June that will be just as fun and special.

The newlyweds are loving married life. They stay mindful of how lucky they are to have found each other. “It’s crazy to me that at the time we met I was not looking for a relationship. Dave and I just enjoy each other’s company whether it’s on a trip to Florida visiting my mom or just sitting on the couch watching our favorite Netflix show. There are always laughs, hand holding, and glances and pure joy.”

We are so happy you have found such happiness together, Amanda and Dave! “Four and a half years later and we still love being with each other. Before Dave I didn’t know that you could still be this happy four years later. He truly is my other half and the best part of my day,” Amanda says. Thank you for being a Hope’s bride and sharing your love story! Blessings on your growing family!

Davenport Wedding Photographer:

Jaime Hughes 309-235-0598


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