Prom 2016 Photo Shoot



This year we shot Hope’s Girls in Davenport with Avenue Studios to show some of our new styles for Prom 2016. It was a freezing winter day, but our models, representing over 10 schools in the Quad Cities and Cedar Rapids areas, were troopers!  Thank you to Capri College in Davenport for the wonderful hair and airbrush make-up and Holiday Inn & the J Bar in Davenport for the modern, versatile venue.

So what’s big this year for Prom?

1.  Two piece dresses and cutouts.

2.  Patterns… Especially all the florals from Sherri Hill.

3.  High necklines.

4.  Deep blues and understated shades like nude, blush, and gray.

5.  Being UNIQUE- Hope’s Girls stand out in designer dresses you won’t find anywhere else with the assurance we won’t sell the same one to anyone else at their school!

Get to Hope’s Bridal soon to find YOUR perfect style among our HUNDREDS of prom dresses!


Hopes Bridal Prom-2353 Hopes Bridal Prom-2346 Hopes Bridal Prom-2343 Hopes Bridal Prom-2340 Hopes Bridal Prom-2339 Hopes Bridal Prom-2338 Hopes Bridal Prom-2335 Hopes Bridal Prom-2327 Hopes Bridal Prom-2318 Hopes Bridal Prom-2311 Hopes Bridal Prom-2310 Hopes Bridal Prom-2307 Hopes Bridal Prom-2304 Hopes Bridal Prom-2302 Hopes Bridal Prom-2301 Hopes Bridal Prom-2296 Hopes Bridal Prom-2293Hopes Bridal Prom-2283 Hopes Bridal Prom-2281 Hopes Bridal Prom-2275 Hopes Bridal Prom-2268 Hopes Bridal Prom-2266 Hopes Bridal Prom-2255 Hopes Bridal Prom-2248 Hopes Bridal Prom-2239 Hopes Bridal Prom-2238 Hopes Bridal Prom-2232Hopes Bridal Prom-2361Hopes Bridal Prom-2363Hopes Bridal Prom-2365Hopes Bridal Prom-2374Hopes Bridal Prom-2376Hopes Bridal Prom-2384-ExposureHopes Bridal Prom-2391-Exposure


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