Hope’s has been a leader in this business for over 40 years, so you can expect we will do everything we can to provide exceptional, caring service until you pick up your dress for the big day.

We keep track of what school you attend, so we will not sell your dress to the same school. If someone else attending your school wants to buy it, we will let them know it’s already there (without giving your name) and try to help them find something else.

Rarely, someone will be so in love with a dress that they say they will just go buy it elsewhere, even knowing it’s already at their school. In those cases, we do everything we can to encourage them to buy it in a different color, so it is still different from what we sold you.

We offer interest-free financing when you pay by check or by cash. This allows you to purchase your dress with a manageable down-payment and make weekly or monthly payments until you are ready to pick it up.

We are happy to place an order for you if we do not have the dress you want in stock in your size and color. This of course depends on what the designer has available for shipping in time for your event. We will take your measurements and help you decide on the best size to order and take care of all the details if you choose to special order your dress.

Please note that a special order is a final sale. If you order your dress, we will give you an estimated arrival and call you when it comes in.

Unlike ordering your dress online, you know you are receiving authentic, high-quality goods directly from the designer and have full service from a staff that cares!

If you purchase your dress off the rack, we will spot clean and mend your dress to repair as much wear and tear as possible. Please let us know if you notice anything in particular you would like us to fix when you are ready to purchase your dress.

We are fully insured and happy to store your dress for you until you are ready to pick it up for your event. Please call us at least a day ahead if you would like to visit or pick up your dress, so we can have it pulled from storage for you.

We offer one professional pressing before your event if you choose to use this. We need at least one week’s notice to have your dress pressed for pick-up.

We provide a special Hope’s Prom garment bag for your dress. These are great to reuse anytime you are traveling with dress clothes!

Our expert fitting and alterations staff is happy to help you achieve the perfect fit or customization you request as long as their schedule allows. After a certain date (most years in late March), our staff reaches capacity and cannot take on additional alterations clients. If you purchase your dress after this date and require alterations, we are happy to recommend some places in the area you could go.

Alterations are a separate charge from the price of your dress.

If you want to be sure your date’s tux looks great with your dress, we are happy to help him find the perfect style and colors. This can be a fun date together to come pick out his tux! As soon as you have your dress, you can think about bringing him in to choose a style and get sized.

Check out our tuxedo options HERE.

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