Hope’s How-To: Pregnant Bridesmaid

Hope’s How-To: Pregnant Bridesmaid

It’s almost inevitable. One of those ladies you love the most says “YES” to standing by your side on your big day. And then what? She ends up pregnant. I laugh, because I just got to play bridesmaid for my best friend’s wedding seven months pregnant myself, and I learned the week of my own wedding the reason my sister-in-law’s dress wouldn’t fit was my soon-to-be Godson!
So, what do you do as a bride-to-be? It doesn’t always work to have those bridesmaids sign a contract that they will be a perfect size 8 on your big day and rock whatever dress you choose. But, if you know there is a possibility one of your ladies could be a pregnant bridesmaid on your wedding day, it’s best to plan ahead.

Here are a few tips to help you as you plan for the possible bump ahead:
1. Hold off on ordering bridesmaids. We don’t want you to be in a pinch, and will give you a reasonable timeframe for when each company will be able to have your dresses to us. We like to allot a month between arrival and wedding date to accommodate fittings, but really that means you need to order the dresses 3-5 months ahead in most cases. At that point, most women have an idea of if they are or could be pregnant by the time the wedding comes. PLEASE TELL US! We are really good at keeping secrets like this. If we have this knowledge ahead of time, we can advise you so much better on sizing and even styles as you are searching for the right dress!
2. Know that altering a regular bridesmaid dress to fit a baby bump is not easy and not inexpensive. We always will do our best to accommodate you if a bridesmaid unexpectedly becomes pregnant after placing an order. Extra fabric and the hours it takes to reshape a formal dress for your changing body cost $$$- unfortunately sometimes doubling the cost of a dress! It is always better to plan ahead by ordering up on sizing and taking a dress in, than trying to remake it. Also, you may not think of this, but length can be affected when you have a bump, so it may be necessary to order extra length in order to achieve the look you are after!
3. When shopping, look for dresses that offer forgiveness to changing bodies. Specifically, look for loose styles that fall at an empire waist (just below the bust) and/or stretchy fabrics that have “give”. If one of your bridesmaids isn’t too far along at your wedding, these styles may offer enough fabric to accommodate some extra pounds before the bump gets too big! Here are a few examples I can recommend based on my own experience of trying on bridesmaids while 6-7 months pregnant. (Keep in mind, I did not really show until that point, and some women will have much larger bumps!)

empire waist bridesmaid dress 2 empire waist bridesmaid dress 1 sorella sequin 1 sequins 2
4. Ultimately, if you know someone will be in her second or third trimester for your wedding, it would be wise to choose a complementary maternity style dress that is MADE for a baby bump! Several of our designers offer these, and we would be thrilled to show you options and advise you on these special order pieces.

maternity bridesmaid 3 maternity bridesmaid 2 maternity bridesmaid 1maternity bridesmaid 4

In the end, we know how much it matters to you to have your favorite people by your side on your wedding day. Sometimes that takes a little planning and accommodating to make it happen. If you keep the communication lines open and honest through the process, you will come out with a beautiful bridesmaid dress on that precious baby bump!

Faith, Hope & Love,



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