New Year Reflections

New Year Reflections

As we close out 2014, we have a lot to be thankful for.  God has showered Hope’s and our family with blessings this year.  We are still amazed that even after owning Hope’s for 29 years, we continue to grow.  We truly are grateful for the wonderful customers who make each day fun, our dedicated, caring staff and the ability to work with our family every day.  We know it’s the people who keep our business going strong, and we cannot tell you enough how much you are appreciated.

Because of the growth we continue to experience, we are always looking at how we can best serve our customers.   Here are a couple of things we have implemented.  We are confident these changes are making a big difference already!

First of all, we are now limiting the number of guests each bride brings to her weekend appointment.  We have to consider the amount of space we are working with, and smaller groups allow us to keep everyone safe, the environment calm and enjoyable, and the shopping experience focused.  Plus, if you read one of our first posts about how to find your perfect dress (click HERE), you know the benefits of bringing just a few people with you!  Clients have appreciated how much easier it is to visit us on Saturdays and Sundays since we started this in November.

We ask that you limit your party to no more than 5 other people (this includes babies & children!) when you are looking for your gown on a weekend.  If you have your heart set on bringing the whole family plus your six best friends, we are happy to accommodate you with you a weekday appointment when we aren’t so busy!

Of course, if you are shopping for bridesmaids, we are able to take a larger group in the bridesmaid area.  If your goal is to find the gown and bridesmaids the same day, we’ll even set you up with a bridal appointment for your small group followed by a bridesmaids appointment when the big group can join! You can then show everyone THE dress and search for the perfect complement to the gown!

Secondly, we have moved our storage of purchased merchandise to provide more shopping space.  This has allowed us to create designated prom rooms away from wedding attire.  If we are storing a dress for you (one of the perks of shopping with Hope’s!), please give us a week’s notice for appointments when you will want to see your dress.  We will be organized and prepared for such appointments with your help!

We have renovated the entire back portion of the Atkins store into an awesome prom space!  Davenport’s lower level is entirely prom, and we are in the process of adding to our bridal area to provide you with more room during your shopping experience!  So much change because we have listened to your feedback and know this will make shopping at Hope’s even better!

Going into the New Year with a fresh designated prom space and more room in our Davenport store, a proven policy for weekend appointments, and tons of GORGEOUS new dresses for our BEAUTIFUL Hope’s Girls, we are ready to rock 2015!  Hope to see you very soon for your wedding and prom needs!

Faith, Hope & Love,


P.S. We will be closed New Year’s Day.  “Be safe and have fun,” as Mom and Dad always say!


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