Real Wedding by Hope’s: Leah & Logan

Real Wedding by Hope’s: Leah & Logan

Leah and Logan’s winter wedding was a beautiful classic, vintage theme.  Leah remembers from the big day: “Right before my husband and I were ready to walk down the aisle, he began to shed a couple of tears. I asked him why he was crying and he said he had been waiting for this day his whole life and was overcome with love.”  These two lovebirds are just too cute!

Hope’s bride Leah met Logan when they worked together at Zoey’s Pizzeria.  It was his first job and he mostly kept to himself, so Leah didn’t get to know him too well before heading off to UNI for college.  After returning to Cedar Rapids for a job at Rockwell Collins, Leah started working a couple nights a week again at Zoey’s.  At this point, she really started to notice Logan.  “I thought he was extremely funny, charming, handsome, but most importantly I could see he had a heart of gold,” she said.

When they would close the restaurant together, they would chat and get to know each other.  Leah remembers him asking her questions like ‘What’s your favorite music?’ ‘Do you like spaghetti?’ and ‘Do you like guys who are younger than you?’  By that point, she couldn’t get him out of her head and knew it was time to explore her heart. 

Logan asked her on their first date in the middle of May four years ago.  He picked her up at her parents’ house, where they grilled him on his intentions for the evening.  He shared his plan to take her to a drive-in movie, which had been on her bucket list.  They enjoyed the hour-long drive, the double feature (though Leah may have fallen asleep during the second movie!), and playing “The Movie Game” similar to 20 Questions.  She knew when he dropped her off that night that he had her heart and always would. 

When they got engaged, they began planning for a wedding in the Amana Colonies.  Leah found her dreamy MS Moda ballgown wedding dress and Bill Levkoff bridesmaid dresses in wine at Hope’s Bridal.  From her experience, she recommends brides purchase their dresses and bridesmaid dresses sooner rather than later.  She says the best part of working with Hope’s was “the willingness to help make your bridal dreams come true.” 

Leah and Logan made their wedding special with lots of personal touches.  Leah’s stepdad became ordained in order to marry them!   Plus, they had a memorial table set up at the ceremony to honor loved ones they had lost. Leah and Logan both love Michael Jackson, so they hired an impersonator to perform at their reception.  They also had a “kids only” room at the reception filled with coloring books, puzzles and games for the kids to have fun together through the night. 

“Married life is absolutely wonderful!” Leah gushes.  “Having the same last name as your husband (if you choose too), having a person you come home to every night that is your husband, wearing rings of enteral love, having two families become one, it truly is amazing.”  Her advice to newlyweds is to communicate always.  The two are looking forward to taking a honeymoon for their one-year anniversary!

Leah, it was so much fun for us to get to know you and help you and your beautiful bridesmaids leading up to your wedding!  Thank you for sharing your big day with us.  We wish you and Logan a lifetime of happiness together! 

Leah and Logan’s Winter Wedding Vendors:

Venue: Price Creek Event Center, Amana Colonies

Photographer: Frees Frame Photography + Design

 Flowers & Cake: Hy Vee on Oakland Road

Food: Phat Daddys in Main Amana

Make up: Amanda Fennern located inside Price Creek Event Center

Hair/Spray Tans: Innovations Salon & Spa

Wedding Gown and Bridesmaid Dresses: Hope’s Bridal

Rehearsal Dinner Location: Angle Inn in Walford, IA,

Rings: Jared’s Jewelers

Live Entertainment: Isaac Burris


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