Honduras Mission Part 2

Honduras Mission Part 2

This post is a follow-up to an earlier post you can read here:  Honduras Mission Part 1

Or, here is a little background information about Open Door Ministries in Honduras: Open Door Ministries Booklet

Open Door Ministries offers a safe home for girls who have been victims of horrible circumstances.  As part of the girls’ experience growing and learning at the home, they are blessed with a Quinceanera party fit for princesses.  We were honored to be able to provide dresses for this special event!

The planning process for the Quinceanera was all coordinated by Lauren who is the missionary running Open Door Ministries in Honduras.   Les and JoAnn, a couple from my church, communicated with Lauren about what she needed for the Quinceanera, and they collected and shipped all the needed items to Tocoa, Honduras.

Lauren’s mother, Penny Compton, is the founder of Open Door Ministries.  She sums up the impact of the Quinceanera:  What a very special time in their lives. An important milestone in the road on their journey of healing and to a healthy self-esteem. A night they will never forget.  Thank you to all who gave to make it a beautiful celebration of some dynamic young ladies.” 

Why do we feel so blessed to help with this celebration?  Consider the story of Les and JoAnn’s adopted Honduran daughter (name withheld for safety):  This beautiful young lady didn’t know her mom or dad.  Her grandmother raised her and sold for sex in exchange for some tortillas.  She was just 12-years-old when she was thrown out of the house because she became pregnant.

Months later, Lauren picked up the 13-year-old mother and her infant daughter from a Honduran government agency and recognized she needed support to care for her child. The night Les and JoAnn arrived at the home on their first mission trip to Honduras, Lauren asked JoAnn to teach the young lady how to better care for her baby.

After JoAnn held the tiny girl at dinner that evening, she and Les felt the girl and her baby were part of their family and treated them as such.  On their second trip, the young lady asked them to be her Papa and Mama.  They view her as their adopted Honduran daughter and the baby as their adopted Honduran granddaughter.

Considering their love for the two girls, you can imagine their great disappointment when they were not able to be a part of their adopted daughter’s Quinceanera night.  The night before their flight, Les experienced chest pains and had to have emergencing gall bladder surgery.  “Les and I were devastated, heartbroken and disappointed that we could not be there for our adopted Honduran daughter.  We cried for a long time and asked God why this had to happen now, especially since she has had so many disappointments in her life.”

The couple emailed to tell her why they could not be there.  Of course, she cried but asked Lauren to pray with her and thank God that her Papa Les was ‘OK’.  They communicated how much they loved her and missed her in a video that was played at the Quinceanera, showing they were there in heart and spirit.
And that’s not the only way they are showing their adopted daughter how much they love her. JoAnn and Les will be going back to Honduras with the Abiding Savior Lutheran Church Honduras Mission Team in January.  They are taking their Quinceanera dress clothes and will have her put on her Quinceanera dress.  Les will dance the waltz with her just like they would have at the Quinceanera.
JoAnn and Les know that as always, God is good all the time – all the time God is good!  They recognize the blessing that his gall bladder attack happened while they were still in the U.S. and had access to our healthcare facilities.  JoAnn expressed, “It will only make our reunion that much sweeter as our love grows for each other.  We are always realizing that God must be first in our lives, and we love each other only because God loved us first.  Plus, in all circumstances, God provides.”
We are thankful this Thanksgiving week that God has provided these girls a home of love and support.  We are thankful for the loving relationship JoAnn and Les have built with their adopted Honduran daughter and granddaughter.  We are thankful we could put a smile on these girls’ faces and help them feel as beautiful as they are for their special night.  We are thankful for changed lives in Honduras through God’s work.
Please continue to pray that God’s work would be done in the St. Louis area and across our nation!
Faith, Hope & Love,
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