Finding your Wedding Style by Guest Contributor Jenn of Harper Hadley Events

Congratulations on your engagement! You’ve found your best friend and partner for the rest of your happily ever after. Whether or not you are a bride who has dreamed of your wedding day since you were a young girl, chances are you have some fairly strong opinions on what you want your big day to look like. With so many resources, social media and our beloved Pinterest habits, the inspiration and ‘noise’ in making design decisions is never-ending.

This is a conversation I have with all of my clients and something that everyone will experience when planning their day, so let’s talk about design inspiration and staying true to you!

Wedding Style Brainstorm

Here are a few things to consider and tips for determining your wedding style based on your and your fiancé’s personalities. After all, this is YOUR wedding and your guests should experience your love story.


First things first, start with what you know. Write out a few notes about things you enjoy together, milestones in your relationship, favorite bands and anything else you know that you want as part of your day.

Maybe include a food item from your first date, pick up on a lyric from your song, or use a venue you frequent as inspiration or even your wedding location. If you have lived in or traveled many different places together, use the architecture and cultural aspects of your favorites as a jumping off point. The opportunities are endless. Whatever the highlights are for the two of you, they will likely lend themselves to the next few things.


Next, think color. There are so many beautiful color palettes, so to find one that truly speaks to your style, look in your closet for direction and think about how you want the day to feel. If you’ve decided to focus on a romantic evening or trip, you might want a more soft and timeless palette. If you both enjoy amusement parks, you might gravitate toward a brighter, more playful combination. Also, consider your venue and colors together. You certainly want to make sure that the overall feeling and look of both together will be what you envision.


Here is the key– do all of this independent of inspiration sources. Focus on your true selves and style before you get anything else in your head. Once you have that list, think about a few details that express and share your personalities with your guests. Once you do this with no computer or inspiration in front of you, just you, your fiancé and some paper, then you can start focusing in on the details and gathering specific inspiration images.

Weddn Style Inspiration

Now, you can start browsing inspiration and pulling the looks you like. There are so many blogs and resources that allow you to gather images into boards, but the most common is Pinterest.

This is not a time to pin anything and everything. If it’s not related to what you’ve already noted, pass on it. This is when you want to be very discretionary and laser focused. It is far too easy to get overwhelmed and change your mind or get upset that something you love might be out of your budget. Another tip when pinning for your wedding; note in the comments what it is you like about the photo. This is incredibly helpful. You will have so many ideas running through your head that when you come back to it, you might not remember why you pinned it.


Now, we have personal detail notes, an overall vision or theme and colors. Put those together with your inspiration and you can start building your day! If you choose to have a planner/designer help you, they will likely be able to work with you to gather inspiration and curate a beautiful, cohesive inspiration board for you that will result in a perfect design for you and a wonderful experience for your guests.


This is all very high level and of course, there are many decisions and details that go into a cohesive wedding experience and style. For more detailed and step-by-step guidance through your engagement, hop over to the Harper Hadley Events blog and follow our Sweet Beginnings series and our Inspired Tuesdays for design inspiration.

Happy planning and congratulations, lovelies!

Xoxo, Jenn


Photo credits: Carolyn Ann Photography & Emily Crall


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