Do I need an appointment? When should I come?

Bridal appointments are strongly recommended so we can be prepared to help you. There is a limited number of fitting rooms and stylists available. We have a shared bridal stage, and like to take a team approach in helping our brides.  Still, it’s important to serve each individual one-on-one as well.

If you prefer a quieter shopping experience, we recommend visiting us on a weekday, when you will often have the whole bridal department to yourself. On weekends, please be prepared for an exciting atmosphere with lots of people and a mini fashion show experience!

If you know you will be shopping for your wedding party, please give us a call with an idea of when you will be coming and how we can help you.  Walk-ins are welcome.

Do you offer private appointments?

VIB (Very Important Bride) 1.5 hours long appointments are available before and after hours on weekends. There is a charge for these appointments, which we will then apply to your gown purchase if you say “YES” during the appointment. We love the chance to focus just on you! Please give us a call if this is something that interests you.

When should I start shopping for my wedding dress?

We recommend shopping 8-12 months ahead of your wedding if your timeline allows. Ordering a gown can take up to six months, and you will want to allow at least one month for alterations. We can accommodate shorter timeframes as well. Almost all our bridal gowns are available to buy off the rack if needed.

Do you offer payment plans?

We offer flexible interest-free financing when you pay by check or cash. If you would like to pay by credit or debit card, we ask that you please pay in full, as you can finance it through your card/bank.

What should I bring with me when I visit?

We ask that all our guests please remove their shoes to protect the integrity of our gowns. With that in mind, you are welcome to bring comfortable socks or slippers for you and your party.

We recommend trying on gowns with undergarments similar to what you will want to wear on your wedding. A lowline strapless bra and shapewear are common and will help you feel comfortable in the fitting room.

Pictures of dresses you like or inspiration boards you have put together are helpful for your stylist as she is pulling dresses with you.

We also recommend carefully choosing a small group of people to accompany you. We need to limit weekend shopping parties to five people to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for everyone.

What should I expect when I shop for my wedding dress?

Hope’s is a family-owned and operated business, with two locations. We want everyone who comes into our stores to feel like they are a part of our family and truly valued.

We will start your visit by asking some questions to get a feel for how we can best help you. Then we will show you around, so you are able to look at all the beautiful dresses on the racks. (There are literally HUNDREDS in each store!)  Your stylist will help you pull some gowns while your party gets comfortable in the viewing area. Your stylist will help you into and out of dresses. This allows us to protect our precious inventory (who knows, one of those dresses could be the one you choose to wear down the aisle!), provides time for you to develop a relationship with your stylist, and gives your party a chance to sit back and enjoy the experience.

Most of our brides start with around five gowns to try on, and then our stylists pull more based on what is working. We do not limit your appointment to a certain amount of time, but we will try to wrap things up if you are feeling overwhelmed or tired from trying on and the decision-making process. A typical bridal appointment will last between one and two hours. We allow pictures to be taken of you in dresses you like because we know just how important wedding pictures are- you want to look and feel great on the big day! We just ask that your party waits to take pictures until you narrow down your choices to two or three favorites. (Trust us, you don’t want to go through 100 pictures of you in dresses you don’t like.)

If you find “the one”- AMAZING! In the bridal industry, all sales are final and we know it’s a very big decision; we want you to feel 100% confident in saying, “YES!” Our staff is not on commission, and you will feel that difference. Of course, we need to sell dresses to stay in business, but we will not pressure you to buy. If you can’t decide that day, no problem. We will keep track of your favorite gowns in our system, so we can pull them for you when you come back. If you know that is your dress and are ready to buy, we will celebrate with you in that big decision checked off your to-do list!

Do you carry my size?

To start with, please know that bridal industry sizing is different from ready-to-wear. Be prepared to try on wedding gowns that are a bigger size than you wear in street clothes.  Don’t worry too much about what the tags say! We have wedding dresses in stock in sizes 0-36. It’s important to us to have beautiful styles for EVERYONE to try. However, please keep in mind that we usually buy just one gown of each style to be able to offer you the wide variety of gowns we do. Most of our samples are sizes 6-22, as those sizes tend to be the most commonly tried on and ordered. Most of our gowns are re-orderable in different sizes and colors, so you are not limited to just the dresses stocked in your size. It is worth trying on gowns outside your typical size to get a feel for what you love!

What about after I buy my dress?

Check out our SERVICES page to see all we offer to our Hope’s Brides! We have been a leader in this business for over 40 years, so you can expect we will do everything we can to provide exceptional, caring service until you pick up your gown for the big day.

Many of our brides book a follow-up appointment to come back with their wedding party to shop for bridesmaid dresses, tuxedos, etc. If you order your gown, you will hear from us in about 4-6 months that it has arrived. If you purchase off the rack, we will spot clean and mend your gown as necessary. You are always welcome to come visit your dress! We ask for at least 24 hours’ notice to have it pulled from storage for you. We are always excited to see you again!

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