Dressing Mom for the Big Day

Dressing Mom for the Big Day

Moms, it’s a big moment for you too! What you choose to wear for your son or daughter’s wedding can have a big impact on how you feel that day as you play host, get teary-eyed seeing your baby walk down the aisle, help with all the behind-the-scenes details you are so good at, and dance the night away!
At Hope’s, we find that mothers of the bride and groom often have even wider tastes in styles than the brides themselves! While one mom might feel comfortable and sexy in a glamorous slinky number off our prom rack, others want full coverage and modesty with a simple three-piece suit. We do our best to help you find the perfect fit for you with a wide range of options!

Here are a few tips for those of you searching for your mother’s dress:
1. Talk to the bride. Make sure you understand the colors of the wedding, the time and venue, and the overall style of the big day. See if she has special requests for the moms as far as color, style, length, etc. Some brides care a lot about what you wear while others will give you full control to get whatever you like. Nevertheless, consider these things to make sure you feel comfortable that day:

a. Choose a complementing color. This will matter to you particularly in pictures. Most moms choose a color that blends with the bridesmaids and flowers to look best.
b. Consider where you will be and the time of day of the wedding. Daytime, spring, and summer weddings often call for lighter or brighter colors. An evening affair in the fall or winter usually equals darker or more neutral colors. If you will be on the beach or outside, consider lightweight fabrics like chiffon. If it’s an indoor affair, crape, lace or satin may be perfect.
c. If the wedding is going to be a very formal affair, your attire should match that in whatever way you are comfortable, but should probably be full-length and/or have some “bling”. If it’s more laid back, consider a shorter, simpler style.

2. Consider what will make you feel confident that day. Think about which parts of your body you would like to highlight and which you would rather camouflage. Is it important to you to have some sort of jacket or wrap to cover your arms? Do you want a little extra room in the hips with an a-line style? Having these things in mind when searching for your dress will help you narrow down the choices!

3. Don’t limit yourself to the mother’s dresses rack. We have that designated area at Hope’s, and many moms will find exactly what they are looking for there. But, lots of people have more luck checking out the bridesmaids or even prom sections to find their perfect style!

Ready to start shopping? We have some exciting options at Hope’s:
1. Visit our Davenport store July 30-August 3 for a special mother’s dress trunk show of Ursula of Switzerland styles. These dresses are very flattering to a variety of body types and come in a range of styles. Check out the website: www.ursula.com
2. Check out these new sequin looks from Sorella Vita if you are planning a formal wedding! A lot of our moms are loving this bridesmaid designer who really understands a woman’s body, and these sequin looks are totally new and fresh!

sorella sequin 1 sorella sequin 2
3. Our exclusive line of Andrew Adela dresses are perfect for those who have special requests- from fabric changes, to a huge selection of colors, to mix-and-match pieces. If you want to create your own perfect look, this can be an awesome option! These are unadvertised (you won’t find them online!), so stop in to check out the wide range of options.

Please let us know if we can help you find the perfect style for your upcoming celebration! Happy planning!

Faith, Hope & Love,


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