Ceremony of Wedding Vow Renewal

This is a post written for our audience by a guest writer associated with Honeyfund.com, a site that allows couples to crowd source for their wedding or honeymoon.

There are many reasons why a couple would choose to renew their wedding vows. Perhaps they were unable to have the wedding of their dreams at the time they were married. Or perhaps there were important family members and friends who could not attend their wedding ceremony. Some couples celebrate an anniversary date with a vow renewal. Whatever the reason, a ceremony of wedding vow renewal is a beautiful event.

When a couple renews their vows, they celebrate their commitment to each other. They stand before family and friends and express their devotion and love to each other for eternity. The couple has experienced the milestones of marriage. They have lived through the initial “getting to know you” phase. When they renew their vows, they are in essence saying, “I choose to spend my life with you.” They have grown as a couple. And they are growing as a family.

A vow renewal ceremony, just like a traditional wedding, has key factors to address. This includes the venue, the official (minister, rabbi, or another official who performs the ceremony), flowers, attire, reception, and vows. You may wish to use the items in your original ceremony or in the event of a vow renewal, you may choose to take advantage of this opportunity to have a second wedding of your dreams.  This could be a vineyard wedding, wedding at sea, or a beach wedding.  There are no rules, this ceremony is created by and for the couple to be enjoyed by and with the people they choose.  It may be a cathedral wedding or an intimate gathering. The choice is theirs and theirs alone.


The cost of a vow renewal ceremony equals the costs of any other wedding. The average wedding in America costs over $26,500.00. There are many couples who budget a modest wedding for $10,000.00 while others exceed $50,000.00.  The cost of the wedding is dictated by the location, number of guests, and costs involved in the other above mentioned items. Starting a Honeyfund account to help with the expenses is wise. Many couples publish their dream wedding on a website or social media site and invite guests to contribute to the cost of the wedding (or honeymoon) in lieu of gifts.  There are various online fundraising sites that have platforms for this purpose. The couple creates the platform and guests can sign on and gift the couple as they choose.

Venue or destination

The couple may choose a destination wedding / renewal in a remote location, which they will share with select guests. This is completely socially acceptable. While the couple may exchange vows on the beach of an island paradise, on a ship, or in the beautiful city of Paris, technology allows them to share the event via the internet if they choose.  This is one way the couple can have the wedding of their dreams and still share it with all the people they love. Their memories are recorded for future generations and their memories will last a lifetime.


Holding a formal reception is tradition, but couples are not bound by tradition if they choose to change it.  The bride and groom may choose an intimate dinner together to begin their honeymoon and hold a reception at a future date for the family. This allows them to share photographs of the destination wedding with the guests who helped make it a reality with their contributions.  The reception can be held in a single location, or instead of asking the family to travel, the couple may travel to various locations and hold multiple receptions.  The reception is the time for the couple to celebrate with family and friends.  How they choose that celebration is not limited to a single method.

We live in a world with limitless possibilities. Today’s bride and groom are fully taking advantage of these possibilities and creating weddings that are exciting, creative, and uniquely theirs.

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