Buyer Beware: Alivia’s Online Prom Dress Nightmare

Buyer Beware: Alivia’s Online Prom Dress Nightmare

We see it all too often, a sweet customer stressed and upset because she tried to purchase a dress online.  Sometimes her dress isn’t what she expected.  Sometimes the dress doesn’t fit and there is no way to return it or alter it.  Sometimes it just doesn’t show up at all. Online prom dress shopping is risky business.

This is one prom customer’s experience.  We SO appreciate Alivia sharing her story to help educate other shoppers and hopefully save some of you the headache she had to experience!

Alivia is finishing her Junior year at Lisbon.  She participates in speech, dance team, and track.  Like most girls these days, she started her prom dress search online earlier this spring. She tells her story:

I found the dress when I googled prom dresses. Prom Girl came up and I looked on there for awhile, but I didn’t find anything that was unique. A couple links down was the website www.izivoguedresses.com. I was super excited because all the dresses were perfect and looked like designer brand dresses but were VERY cheap. So sure enough I found one that I liked and it was “originally” about $600 and I got it for $170. 

The dress was delivered as she expected, in about 2 weeks.  Her mom opened the box while Alivia was on vacation.  She was so upset by what she saw that she didn’t tell Alivia it had arrived.

I got home from vacation and saw the box. I opened it and honestly started crying. It looked like a dead bride Halloween costume. At that point, my mom was just laughing, but I was so crushed. Not only did we spend money on it, but now it was non-returnable. I was so upset because now I had to pay a lot of money for a new dress (which I should have done the first time) and I don’t get my money back for the last one.

She went back to the website where she found the dress, but there didn’t seem to be anything she could do.

When I looked at the other reviews, I realized how obvious it was that they were created online through a machine. Every single review had a perfect 5 star rating. When I went to give it a rating, which was a 1 out of 5, it would not post. I typed out a review saying how the material was completely see through, sizing was not accurate, cloth was cheap, and it had no shape or form to it. I even mentioned how the white (which I ordered) came in as a dirty yellow white. I tried posting my review multiple times and it was never published.

With just one month left before her prom, Alivia confided in a friend who was shocked by her story.  Her friend recommended she visit Hope’s Bridal, which is where she had found her perfect dress.  About her experience at Hope’s, Alivia says:

It was so helpful! The workers there were amazing. Ariel asked me a few questions about what I liked, and she quickly knew what would be best for me before I even knew what I wanted. I did have a struggle for a little bit at finding a dress in my price range and what I liked, but that was kind of my fault because I arrived there late in the prom season. Workers at Hope’s were willing to talk about price and ways to make it work which was amazing! Next year I will be going back, but I will be going back sooner in the year to make sure I get the perfect prom dress for my senior year!

Alivia advises other shoppers:

Don’t go online unless you know the owner! Also know where the dress is coming from. My came from China and was made how you would expect a dress from overseas to look like. I also recommend if you do find a dress online, be careful about the return policies. Make sure you read carefully because they can try to be tricky with it.

Alivia shared some photos of the dress she purchased online.  She pointed out that the top was see-through, even though the comments online specifically described the built in bra that was “amazing and supportive.”

She also shared some pictures from her prom on May 7th in her exclusive Hope’s prom dress.  She looks darling!  “I loved it so much!” she said.  Thanks for sharing your story, Alivia, and we are so glad you are a Hope’s Girl!


The listing of the dress Alivia ordered online


Alivia trying on the see-through, poorly made dress that was sent to her

Alivia Prom 1

Alivia in her Hope’s exclusive prom dress at Lisbon’s prom May 7th

Alivia Prom 2

Alivia rocked her pink and white 2-piece from Hope’s.



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