Bridal Market Recap: #BabyBridalBuyer

Bridal Market Recap: #BabyBridalBuyer

The Fall 2016 bridal collections debuted at the National Bridal Market in Chicago last week.  This was a special market trip for our family.  Thirty years ago, Mom took me on a buying trip as a one-month-old, and this year we got to take Selah!  She made the trip fun and exciting, although everything took a little longer because EVERYONE had to stop and talk to her!  Oh, and anything takes longer with a baby.


We documented her adventures through the two days of buying using #babybridalbuyer on our social media accounts.  It was fun to get the designers, company reps, and even models excited to pose with her for pictures.  I’ve included many of the shots here for you to see.


I always get excited to see what’s NEW each market.  For me, there were four new and interesting trends I noticed.  These things were just starting to show up in many of the showrooms and booths, so I bet we will be seeing even more when he head back this fall!

1.  Separates-  Several designers were offering mix-and-match styles to help you achieve your individualized perfect look.  We saw lots of fun skirts that could be paired with a variety of different tops.  I love anything that helps a bride make a dress her own, and this DEFINITELY does!

2.  Off-the-shoulder necklines-  I remember as a little girls thinking an off-the-shoulder dress was the most romantic, perfect style.  All my design sketches (I use that term loosely, as I’ve always been a terrible drawer!) featured draping sleeves showing off the collarbone.  So, I was in heaven seeing that style making its way back into the lines!

3.  Detachable trains and body suits- These accessories completely change the style of a dress, and it’s brilliant!  Want to have a modest or traditional look for your church ceremony but let loose at the reception?  Wear a body suit with long sleeves under your strapless dress and attach a long dramatic train for the ceremony, then slip out of the body suit and ditch the train for the dance floor!  Two unique looks in one!

4. Lots of skin-  We saw many dresses that featured very deep necklines and midriff exposure- sometimes with illusion netting and sometimes bare.  We’ll have to see how you like the pieces we have coming!

We also were excited about some new designers we picked up, and love that we will be the first to bring them to Iowa.  We found two lines based out of Poland that have clean lines, rich fabrics, and offer some “fashion” you don’t see everywhere.

My personal favorite new designer is Emmaline.  I was drawn into their booth when I heard Christian music playing, and each of the ladies I spoke to (including Emily the designer and owner) was beyond sweet and clearly has a heart for brides.  When I described the company to Mom, Dad and Ariel, I described them as “being very Hope’s.”  I also love their designs, which are a bit boho, very Pinterest-y, and romantically understated.  I can’t wait to get them into our stores!

Well, there are my highlights from our latest market trip.  Comment on what you are excited to see at Hope’s this Fall!

Faith, Hope & Love,




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