Beginnings: An Introduction to Faith, Hope’s, Love

“I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.” Rev. 22:13

Beginnings. As I sit down to consider how to start this blog- Faith, Hope’s, Love- for Hope’s Bridal, I’m thinking about beginnings of different kinds. I’ll be writing about a lot of beginnings: Beginning your wedding planning, beginning your marriage, and beginnings of real Hope’s couples. I’m so excited to share those beginnings with you!

However, there is a bigger beginning I want to address first, and that’s starting where I believe the best marriages start: With God. He says He is the beginning and the end. So this is my beginning prayer:
Lord, thank you for beginnings. Thank you for calling us yours from the beginning, and loving us to the end. Thank you for Hope’s- our family, staff, customers, friends, and community. Thank you for our beginning and your continued blessing for 42 years. Thank you for this opportunity to share our ideas through this blog. I ask that you lead us in this endeavor, that you bless those who read it, and that you would use us daily to be your hands and feet and smile for those we get to serve. You are the beginning. You are the end.  In your holy name, Amen.

In this blog, we want to share our journey of faith, our experiences with Hope’s in the wedding industry, and love stories of our family and friends- including our amazing customers! You can expect meditations and prayers, wedding planning tips, wedding and prom fashion and designer features, marriage prep ideas, some recipes, and a glimpse into our family’s and staff’s lives. And of course, we will feature real Hope’s weddings and events!

I’d like to introduce you to our writers. I’m Johanna, the one you will hear from most often. I grew up at Hope’s. In fact, Mom brought me to the shop the first day we came home from the hospital, and I was there in a playpen until I was old enough to help greet customers. Another person you will hear from is my mom, Diane. She and my dad, Mark, bought Hope’s in 1985 from Hope herself. Diane obviously has a TON of experience with wedding fashion, and cares deeply about providing a great experience for everyone who comes to Hope’s. You will likely hear from my sister, Ariel, our Bridal Manager. She is a bundle of joy and loves making brides’ dreams come true! Jody is an expert on alterations and really makes things run at Hope’s.  She can offer a lot of insight and tips. I might even rope in the little sister Moriah for some prom thoughts now and then! Finally, we will invite some of our preferred vendors who are experts in their fields of the wedding industry to guest-author every now and then.

In upcoming posts, you will get to know all of us at Hope’s more. I also want to invite YOU to be be a part of this.  You are welcome to post questions or topics of discussion you would like us to address. You can even email me personally at Johanna@hopesbridal.com if you have a suggestion or want us to feature your Hope’s wedding or event on our blog!

I’m going to leave you with a thought: What is your favorite beginning? We love seeing the beginning of a marriage. While weddings are so fun and beautiful and special, we try to always keep in mind that there is a much bigger piece to this event- the beginning of a lifetime commitment. It takes more than a dress, an officiant, and the perfect venue to have a great marriage. If you are planning a wedding, you’re planning much more than that. We pray God’s blessing on this time in your life, that we can help make your wedding as special as you dream, and that He prepares your hearts for a lasting love through ups and downs and years to come.

Faith, Hope, & Love,


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