Another Online Dress Warning!

Another Online Dress Warning!

When Lauryn came to us this summer to find her homecoming dress, we instantly loved her open, fun personality.  And we had a blast helping her find not only an adorable homecoming dress, but also her perfect prom dress for next year! However, we were so upset for her when she told us her online dress horror story.

Lauryn showed us pictures she found of herself and many of her friends on a site that was supposedly selling her dress.  These were her OWN pictures she had posted on social media!  She had never even heard of this company, yet they were posting her picture in a listing and even on their Instagram account without her permission!

Wouldn’t you be totally freaked out to find your pictures on some random site?  You may want to check for yourself because it appears Lauryn is not the only one being exploited by www.indifit.com,  a presumably counterfeit site.  It is clear the pictures of girls in prom dresses they have posted are real people shopping in legitimate boutiques and out with friends on their prom nights.  It is almost certain you will not receive what you think you are ordering from this site, considering they are stealing pictures from people who are not selling their dresses!

This is the first time we have met someone who found herself on one of these sites, but she certainly is not alone.  We love social media, especially when we get to see our Hope’s Girls looking amazing in their dresses from us, but the only way to protect yourself from scummy sites like indifit.com is to keep your settings private.

And if you’re shopping for a dress, please trust the local authorized retailers who buy their inventory directly from the designers.  You may pay a little more than what you see online, but it’s so worth it.  You know you will receive a quality garment with real customer service, and your money stays within the local economy!

We know Lauryn will look amazing at Homecoming 2017 and Prom 2018!  If you want in on the style fun, come see us soon.  All our prom dresses are currently at least 30% off, and the purchase includes a free hem if you want the dress short for Homecoming!

Faith, Hope & Love,


P.S.  We had permission from Lauryn and her mom to post these pictures!!!


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