2020 Prom Dresses in Iowa

2020 Prom Dresses in Iowa

Hope’s offers a huge variety of 2020 prom dresses in three locations across Eastern Iowa. We wanted to share just a quick glimpse at some of the styles available this year in our stores. Check out SOME of our collection below! Many of our dresses are unadvertised and designed by private, exclusive companies, so please plan a visit to see more!

Hope’s offers 2020 prom dresses in every size 00-30. We celebrate differences in style, size, and needs, and welcome the opportunity to serve you at this exciting time!

FYI- we tend to buy 1-3 samples of each style so we can offer a HUGE selection of dresses. If we don’t have the right size or color for you, we are happy to place a special order. If you don’t find the perfect dress in one location, take quick drive to our other stores because we have different inventory in each of them!

Hope’s Prom Locations

Atkins, our original location in the big pink barn, has our largest inventory of prom dresses. It is located just 15 minutes west of Cedar Rapids. Our store in the Village of East Davenport also offers hundreds of prom dresses! Both stores are full-service bridal shops, so we can offer payment plans, storage, pressing, and alterations services.

Our pop-up shop at Coral Ridge Mall is a cute boutique setting with about 150-200 prom dresses. As we are in a mall, we do not have the storage space to offer layaway, storage, or alterations, but we are happy to refer you to some great specialists when you find your dress!

If you are ready to find your prom dress, Hope’s offers Eastern Iowa’s largest selection of 2020 prom dresses, expert service, and a fun environment in three locations! We are family owned and operated and pride ourselves in being Eastern Iowa’s go-to prom destination!

To see more 2020 prom dresses, visit our designer pages by clicking here!

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