Allie and Adam: Just Engaged & Planning a Wedding!
19 Apr 2017

Allie and Adam: Just Engaged & Planning a Wedding!

We are extra excited in our Atkins store because our beloved Allie is newly-engaged!  She is such a great sport and agreed to share her wedding planning journey with you.  We will be following her through the next year-and-a-half with the hopes of giving our brides ideas, shared experiences, and a chance to get to know one of our amazing bridal consultants on a whole new level!

Get to Know Allie and Adam:

  • Adam is the more outgoing one, but Allie does most of the talking when it’s just the two of them!
  • Both are organized and like to keep things clean.
  • Both are obsessed with their dog, Zoe, who is admittedly spoiled. Adam calls Allie a “dog enthusiast.” They enjoy running together with Zoe.
  • Adam has a dry sense of humor that often leaves Allie confused, but she tends to laugh at just about anything!
  • Adam enjoys all sports, and works at Dick’s Sporting Goods. He especially loves the St. Louis Cardinals (I knew I liked him…).
  • Allie says Adam is a “beer snob” and loves to cook, which is great because he usually has dinner waiting for her when she gets home from work!
  • Allie is health-conscious and crafty. We like to look to her for healthy food choices and workouts and LOVE her sewing skills! She’s currently making them bedsheets!
  • Adam has gotten Allie into flea market shopping. Now he complains about how many clothes she owns. (That tends to be a common problem with us Hope’s girls…)
  • Allie listens to the Bobby Bones Show every morning; Amy is her favorite. She also loves Fixer Upper!
  • Both are pretty laid back and like to stay in with Zoe and spend time together.
  • They are currently renovating their living and dining room.

Allie and Adam’s Story:

The couple met while they were working at Sam’s Club.  Allie was a cake decorator in the bakery, and Adam was in the meat department.  “All the girls in the bakery had a thing for him, so we used to tease him whenever he would walk through the bakery,” Allie remembers.


Their first date was January 15th, 2013, when they met for a Hawkeye basketball game.  Since it was blizzarding during the game, Adam brought Allie to her car so she could wait in his warm car while he cleaned off hers.  (Good move, buddy!) “He thought I was mute because I was so nervous around him I barely talked,” Allie laughs.  “It took me a long time to warm up to Adam.”  After a year, they moved in together and adopted Zoe.


The proposal was surprising.  After they both had a terrible day, they decided to go out for dinner and drinks.  As they pulled in the driveway that night, Allie asked Adam to take care of turning off a light in their construction zone while she got ready for bed.  However, while she was getting ready, he called her into the room he was in.  Grudgingly, she walked in to find him down on one knee.  While she immediately started crying, he said, “As we rebuild this house, I want to build a life with you.” She of course said yes through tears!

Wedding Planning Process:

At this point, Allie and Adam are still getting used to the feeling of being engaged and haven’t done much planning. They know they need to save a lot! They have decided on a wedding color and are starting to research venues, catering, and flowers to get an idea for budgeting.  They know they want an outdoor/barn/tent wedding.

Allie explains, “I was feeling stressed right after we got engaged because everyone had a million questions. Now a week later I’m enjoying it more. I’m way less stressed, and I like hearing what Adam thinks about things.”  She says it is hard to make up their minds about things because of all the ideas on Pinterest and everyone giving their own opinions about what they should do.  Plus, she is worried about prioritizing what is important to do and what she might forget about.


To relax and stay connected, they walk Zoe together nightly and have fun singing along to Pandora’s “Summer Hits of the 2000s.”  Allie is getting excited thinking about dancing with Adam at their wedding and the possibility of a taco bar for their guests (and themselves!) to enjoy on the big day!


Allie’s Advice for the Newly Engaged Bride:

“Find something you have looked forward to about wedding planning, and start there.  It’s less overwhelming that way. Then slowly move onto things you don’t like as much. However, consider your timeline, budget and what you envision for your day.”


Congrats to Allie and Adam!  We are so happy for them, and pray they enjoy this time as an engaged couple. 

Faith, Hope’s and Love,


Johanna Powers


  1. Anonymous Says: April 20, 2017 at 6:05 pm

    I am so happy for you guys and will love reading the updates!! -Ariel

  2. Will be reading your story as you go. Have fun enjoy the process and dont get stressed. So happy for you.

  3. Danny Myers Says: April 21, 2017 at 9:25 pm

    Sounds like you two have a good plan for your wedding and your home. When will the children be coming? Wish the best for both of you.

  4. Ann Conklin Says: April 21, 2017 at 11:03 pm

    Congratulations! Enjoy the planning and especially the wedding day.

  5. Sharlene Hanson Says: April 22, 2017 at 10:40 am

    Thanks for sharing your story. I enjoyed reading it.