22 Aug 2017

Allie and Adam: Wedding Planning Part 4

Allie and Adam continue on their wedding planning adventure.  While nothing is too stressful at this time, Allie continues to have the feeling of just wanting to have all the decisions made, even though she knows it takes time.

Currently, they are working on trying to find a place for their reception and have started a wedding registry.  Since they’ve lived together for quite a while, it’s hard to find things they still need!  They also decided to forego flowers at the wedding to save money.  Allie is considering two different options of what to have the bridesmaids carry instead.  She says working at Hope’s has helped her know what to expect as far as a wedding planning timeline goes, which has helped her with the process.

Allie is planning on going to bridal market in Chicago with Diane next month.  We’re all crossing our fingers she finds THE dress while perusing all our fabulous designers there.  It’s not easy when you are around wedding dresses every day to choose just one!  She knows it’s getting to be time to make a decision.

For fun, Allie and Adam have started playing tennis.  “When we’re having a bad day, we go play for a while.  We’ve even gone in the rain which was a lot of fun!”  They are looking forward to engagement pictures they have scheduled in October.  “And I’m still just over the moon that we’re getting married.  Adam is amazing,” Allie says. 

Allie reminds other brides going through the process with her:  “Remember why you love your fiance and why you’re getting married.  Never lose sight of what the day is really about.  You get to spend forever with your best friend!”


Faith, Hope & Love,

Johanna Powers