Allie helping a current Hope's Bride find her gown.  You can imagine how hard it is to decide on her own!
19 Jul 2017

Allie and Adam: Wedding Planning Part 3

After a month-and-a-half break from wedding planning, Allie is feeling much more focused and excited about it.  She and Adam took a trip to St. Louis to celebrate his birthday with a Cardinals baseball game and some relaxation.  Plus, they have been down to Missouri to visit Adam’s parents and are regularly enjoying taco nights together at Casa Las Glorias.  Overall, they are feeling refreshed and connected as they work more planning!
Recently, they have been thinking about who they want with them to celebrate the big day.  “I have started asking bridesmaids, which is a lot of fun to catch up with everyone,” Allie says.  As they’ve narrowed down the guest list, they’ve realized they know a lot more people than they first thought!
Since Allie is around wedding gowns every day, that has been a point of stress for her.  “How do I pick one?” she asks.  She fell in love with a new exclusive gown at Hope’s, but then saw it on another bride and her feelings changed.  When she tried it on again, she knew it wasn’t it.  “I’m really struggling with this, but on the upside I do have some time.”  (She is getting married in October 2018.)
Wedding Dress Shopping

Allie helping a current Hope’s Bride find her gown. You can imagine how hard it is to decide on her own! Photo: Jennifer McKinney

Adam has recently gotten Pinterest, so they are constantly sending each other ideas for their wedding.  Allie points out that no one tells you how much work planning a wedding is!  However, doing it together allows them to connect and have fun.  “I am still so excited to spend the whole day with Adam and be his wife.”

Keep it up, guys!  All of your wedding planning will come together and make for an amazing day!

Faith, Hope & Love,




Johanna Powers