Allie and Adam: Wedding Planning Part 2

Allie and Adam: Wedding Planning Part 2

It’s time to check in again with Allie and Adam’s wedding planning!
“Oh my goodness, can we just go to the courthouse now?” Is what Allie asked Adam after dress shopping with her family.   Allie advises other brides to take a small number of people with you when you go shopping.  “It makes it easier; also, take people who are going to enjoy dress shopping, will be honest, and will let you form your own opinions on the gowns.”

Allie says (and I agree from my own experience!) that working at Hope’s makes dress shopping much harder.  When you have tried on and seen so many beautiful gowns, it makes you feel even more indecisive than a bride who has never tried on a wedding dress before and gets that “This is it!” feeling.  Additionally, Allie is struggling with not sharing her dress choices with Adam.  She wants his opinion!

Besides dress shopping, the two have decided on their venue.  It feels good for them to have such a big decision nailed down! “We have decided on the Depot in Keokuk, IA. It is a gorgeous train station that was built in 1891; I love the history that is in this building. It has been restored, it’s not fully finished but it’s in progress and just stunning.”

The most stressful part of the process at this point is dealing with the balance of everyone’s opinions and help.  Allie says she really wants to stay focused on what’s important in their relationship.  “I love wedding planning when it’s just Adam and I working on it because I know it’s just the two of our opinions. I want this to be about us, and I don’t want to get distracted about the little things.”

It’s been difficult lately because Adam had a change in his work hours.  They went from spending time together each day to just seeing each other in passing.  But still, Allie is remembering why she loves her fiancé and looking forward to spending forever with her best friend!


Allie and Adam, I hope you are enjoying some quality time this holiday weekend!  Thanks for sharing this month’s planning experience with us!


Faith, Hope & Love,



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